Hi, my name is Judith and I am the creator of OrigamiTutorials.com. I rediscovered Origami in late 2014 and started sharing my knowledge, first on YouTube and then also on my website. I am in no case an expert of Origami, but I think that one gains some experience and knowledge of a specific model while immersing yourself into a design. This is my main goal for maintaining OrigamiTutorials – to teach models from different designers, as well as introducing you to interesting Origami models you might not yet have come across. In each of this cases I try to convey my experience I gained with the model into words and pictures, which might be of benefit for you. I am also interested of being a part of the world-wide Origami community and enjoy talking, messaging and getting to know other people that are interested in Origami. If I am not here on my website, putting ideas into words and pictures, you might find me on Instagram {@origamifolding}. I would have never thought that one can connect so easy with others and even form friendships. So, if you read this and are interested in the global Origami community as well, why don’t you tag me – and show me some of your work.

When I am not doing Origami (which I am doing sometimes excessively – especially trying to find unusual and interesting models), I enjoy hanging out with my pets and sharing my life with them. My dear friends are two loyal cats, my buddy the lovebird and my partner in crime, the bunny who is always around when I am doing Origami and scratching for attention on my legs.

Another hobby of mine is anything computer/tech related. Starting from building computers and knowing their hardware, to installing and maintaining them. My latest baby is a custom made Macintosh that runs on a high end Windows machine. But I also love anything web related like starting websites from scratch to customizing WordPress blogs with design and scripts. Which brings me to my next interest, Photoshop. By the way, all my knowledge is self-gained from behind the keyboard and screen of my computer. This all really started as a personal obsession to fix my own computer problems and making things work from inspirations I got while browsing the web.

As for my job, I translate texts as I am fluent in 3 languages (among them are English and German), and build and maintain websites for companies. I am lucky to be able to work from home, which I really enjoy!

Besides Origami, I also enjoy more of the Japanese culture – like drinking Matcha tea (very yummy and very healthy!), learning Japanese (by myself – wink ;), just like mentioned in the paragraph above), collecting little wooden dolls and incense containers, as well as Japanese stationary goods (mechanical pencils, pens & cute letter paper). If I have some more time to spare, I will tell you more about that in the future – as other Origami lovers might also have an interest in that.

As a person, I enjoy living in a peaceful atmosphere, far away from all the noise and buzzling city surroundings. When I look out of my window and enjoy my privacy, all I see are trees and the blue sky, and when my windows are open, I hear nothing or just birds chirping. In my dream I see myself living in the wilderness of Alaska or Canada and be self sufficient…

I hope I gave you a little glimpse into who I am – do share a bit of yourself as well, for example in comments underneath the Origami you fold or on Instagram. If you want to drop me a note and get in touch with me, you can do that HERE.