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This beautiful geometric patterned Kusudama is designed by Tanya Turova of Almaty, Kazakhstan. She designs amazing Origami and in particular Kusudama. To find more work by Mrs. Turova, have a look at her Flickr page. So thank you again, for giving me permission to demonstrate this stunning model, Ratibor, on my YouTube Channel.

Paper, Measurements & Ratio

The Ratibor Kusudama is made from 30 units in a ratio of 1:1.74. I personally used the measurement of 5 cm x 8.7 cm / 2 in x 3.4 in. It is a bit tiny, so you probably should cut your papers to a bigger size like 5.7 cm x 10 cm. Also I would recommend you use slightly less soft paper, as I found it a bit tricky to insert some of the modules. I used Kami paper, but I think you should try duo paper as it might be a bit more stable.

I used Kami for the Ratibor Kusudama, but you can spice it up if you use Duo Colored paper! I normally use this Korean brand – great texture and comes in many colors!

Use the Paper Ratio Calculator (link below) – if you need help calculating your paper measurements.

Folding & Assembly

The folding itself is quite straight-forward and should not make you any problems. The assembly is a bit more demanding, but still you should be able to complete this beautiful Ratibor Kusudama without any additional help or any glue.

So happy folding and I hope you enjoy the tutorial video I made. <3

  • Ratibor Kusudama Tutorial
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