My latest creation is the 40 Pleats Origami Box, which belongs to the category of polygon origami twist boxes. You can see the simpler versions (Twist Lock Origami Boxes), this one builds up on.

Update: In the meantime I designed an even more challenging model: the 60 Pleats Origami Twist Box.

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40 Pleats Origami Box

Basic Components for Creating These Origami Boxes

The 40 Pleats Origami Box starts off as an Icosagon (20 Sided Polygon). I made templates of the first twenty polygons in case you would like to try any of them yourself. But since folding these origami boxes for a while now, I came up with another method of creating them without templates. In a nutshell you basically use a compass and protractor. For example if you want to create a 20 sided polygon, you need to divide 360 degrees by 20. Then mark every 18 degrees on your paper in the center. From there on it’s pretty obvious. You can use a compass to get all your diagonals into the same length or just use a ruler.

40 Pleats Origami Box

The rest of the steps I already outlined in the article mentioned above. It’s actually always the same steps. Just the more sides you add, the more tricky it is to stay accurate, as most of the folds are done in a geometric way instead of pure origami.

40 Pleats Origami Box

If you need to be more accurate, you should try to diagram your work with CAD software. I tried that too, as I already moved on from the 40 Pleats Origami Box to an even bigger one. More to that pretty soon. 🙂

40 Pleats Origami Box

Which Paper For This Kind Of Project?

For the box you see here I used 25 cm square Kami paper. I manually drew (secondary method above) the Icosagon from that. The box is obviously not overly strong, as Kami is pretty thin. Nevertheless, I did it purely for the challenge and a pretty outcome. So the box is probably never going to be used, as it’s quite unique. Only one side shows, by the way.

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