The other day I was browsing through a Tanteidan Convention Magazine, and I cam across a kind of unique and interesting Origami box design. The model is a two part design: a one-sheet box made from A4 rectangular paper and a cute rose decoration which attaches on the opening part of the box. It is designed by the Japanese Origamist Seiji Nishikawa. Mr. Nishikawa is famous for quite a few Origami designs like Pierrot, the clown mask and many animal designs. My personal favorite is the poodle design. He has published two books: Works of Seiji Nishikawa and Origami Insects. You can find the diagram to the A4 Box & Rose Decoration in the Tanteidan Convention Magazine No. 21 (2015), p. 24.

Paper & Folding – The Box

The box part of the design is folded from one piece of A4 rectangular paper. My test fold was with copy paper, but I suggest you use something more sturdy, that keeps the shape once the box is finished. You kind of need to find the balance between easy folding (like with thinner paper like Origami paper) or have a sturdy box (using card stock, but folding is more difficult as the paper is not very flexible and thus accuracy is more difficult to achieve).

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I recommend you to use Tant paper for the rectangular box, as it is sturdy and strong!

The folding of the box is easy, as the diagram explains all steps very clearly. The collapse feels very natural and the ends tuck in very nicely. If you used card stock, then the box keeps the shape very nicely and does not come undone while handling. Due to it’s design, you could use the box as a tissue paper holder.

Paper & Folding – The Rose Decoration

The Rose Decoration is made from one piece square paper. The designer recommends a size between 10 cm – 15 cm / 4 in – 6 in. I used Kami paper, but you could also used Tant paper. The rose is slightly more tricky to fold as there is an open sink fold to be done. But overall, I am sure it won’t be a problem for most folders. I struggled a bit with the shaping of the rose bud.


    A4 Box and Rose Decoration
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