Hi, my name is Judith and I am the creator of OrigamiTutorials.com. I rediscovered Origami in late 2014 and started sharing my knowledge, first on YouTube and then also on my website. I am in no case an expert of Origami, but I think that one gains some experience and knowledge of a specific model while immersing yourself into a design. This is my main goal for maintaining OrigamiTutorials – to teach models from different designers, as well as introducing you to interesting Origami models you might not yet have come across. In each of these cases, I try to convey my experience I gained with the model into words and pictures, which might be of benefit for you. I am also interested in being a part of the world-wide Origami community and enjoy talking, messaging and getting to know other people that are interested in Origami. If I am not here on my website, putting ideas into words and pictures, you might find me on Instagram {@origamifolding}. I would have never thought that one can connect so easily with others and even form friendships. So, if you read this and are I hope I gave you a little glimpse into who I am – do share a bit of yourself as well, for example in comments underneath the Origami you fold or on Instagram. If you want to drop me a note and get in touch with me, you can do that HERE.