I would like to welcome you to the Argyle Kusudama Tutorial, by an Origami designer I discovered recently – Masha Athanasiadi. She designs the most beautiful geometric patterned kusudama! You should look her up on her personal Flickr page, where she posts all of her work.

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Today’s project is the Argyle Kusudama Tutorial – a stunning geometric design, made from 30 units. This model might not be suitable for the beginner, as some skill is involved in assembling the Origami ball.

Paper, Ratio & Measurements

The Argyle kusudama is folded from 30 pieces of Kami or Duo Colored Origami paper, to bring this beautiful pattern to life. I would recommend you to choose paper that has a high contrast in regard to the front and back side. Ratio wise, this Kusudama does not require any pre-cutting, as it uses the square ratio. I chose reasonable bigger size paper (10 cm / 4 in). You could also use the smaller size paper like 7.5 cm / 3 in, but be aware that the assembly will be trickier, the smaller the paper!

Hint: If you like the paper I used for my Argyle Kusudama Tutorial, then have a look HERE.

Argyle Kusudama Tutorial – Folding

The folding of this model is super easy and fast.


Be aware, the assembly of the Argyle Kusudama, is not too easy. You will need craft clothespins or paper clips throughout the whole assembly of the ball. After you attach another module to your work, secure it – otherwise you might risk that everything falls apart. (See picture above!)


With this Argyle Kusudama Tutorial you get introduced to a wonderful patterned Kusudama model. But be sure you have moderate experience with Kusudama assembly before you attempt to give this model a try. At the end, though, you will be rewarded with a stunning piece of paper art!

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