You will love this latest Origami Tato. By pulling the two sides apart your Origami Tato opens up into a box with sides.

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The choice of your paper decides your final tato shape. If you use rectangular paper your finished tato will have a square shape. If you start off with square paper, your finished Origami envelope will have a rectangular shape. By using for example large square Origami paper (20 cm x 20 cm / 7.9 in x 7.9 in) – your finished tato will measure 5 cm x 10 cm / 2 in x 3.9 in. To get a square paper into the rectangular shape (4:3) you need to multiply the side by 1.3333. Now you subtract the result from the side. Now you just need to subtract that from the original length of your paper. For example: 20 cm * 1.3333 = 26.7 cm    26.7 cm – 20 cm = 6.7 cm    20 cm – 6.7 cm = 13.3 cm. So a 20 cm x 13.3 cm / 7.9 in x 5.2 in paper results in a square with the length of 6.7 cm / 2.6 in. If you use regular copy paper, which measures 29.7 cm x 21 cm / 11.7 in x 8.3 in – your Origami Box Tato will measure about 10 cm x 11.2 cm / 3.9 in x 4.4 in.

You can use card stock – which makes nice and sturdy Origami Box Tato. Or you can use Origami paper which has one colored side and a white side (or colored as well) – which gives you that beautiful effect once your model is finished. Another added plus is the flexibility of the paper.

The Origami Box Tato is fairly easy to fold which makes it a great beginner project.

For models like this one, I like to use Kami paper, but if I want more variety, I will use Duo paper!

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