I kind of have a thing for Origami Boxes – especially Origami Rose Boxes and for braided designs (for example Rose Box by Ayako Kawate – which combines both or the Braided Tatou). Now I want to introduce you to another beautiful Origami model, that falls exactly into this category: Box with a Rose by Ryo Aoki. This is a single sheet Origami design (one for the top of the box and one for the bottom), which is relatively simply and fast to fold. You can find the diagram in the NOA Books – Origami Creator 2 series, p. 20. This book features many of Mr. Ryo Aoki’s works.

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Paper & Folding

All you need for the Box with a Rose model is one square sheet of Kami paper. It’s best if you use thicker kind of paper – so the box will hold it’s shape. The top and the bottom are folded from a rectangular paper with the ratio 1:2, so you can just cut one Origami (square) paper into half and use one for the top and one for the bottom.

Hint: I recommend you to use stronger paper than Kami – something like Monotone Tant Paper!

The steps are easy to follow and quite short, so you will maybe spend a few minutes on the whole box. The only bit of difficulty that you might run into is the shaping of the rose of the lid. You should always try first with a test fold – so you get used to the design. But after a try or two, I am sure you will have figured out the maneuver needed for the rose part.

Happy Folding!

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