I found another cute Origami crane / box design that I want to share with you. It is called Box with Two Cranes by Elena Afonkina of Russia. The diagram can be found in the book “The Realm of Paper” by Peter Budai.

This is a single sheet model, using Kami paper, that needs a starting ratio of 1:2. I used the measurements of 20 cm x 10 cm / 4 in x 8 in – and the resulting model is rather small (2.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 5 cm / 1 in x 1 in x 2 in). I guess your starting paper should be double the size of what I used, to produce an usable Origami dish.

Tips: Do you want to know more about Origami Papers or find out which Tools I am using?

The folding is easy and repetitive – as you need to crease and fold certain steps 4 times. 😉 Just be sure to match the crane necks and tails with each other, so they are symmetrical.

Use regular Japanese Kami, like this one, for the Box with Two Cranes!

The resulting Origami dish is rather stable and strong. To sum it up: A cute and easy Origami model!





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