To make a Braided Tatou for yourself, you will just need one square sheet of paper. You can use Kami paper or any other paper, if you don’t happen to have Origami paper at hand. I used a 15 cm x 15 cm paper / 5.9 in x 5.9 in – but this Origami model can be made with any size paper.

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A while back I fell in love with this simple, yet beautiful traditional Origami design. These kind of Origamis are called “Tatou” (in Japanese  or たとう) which means literally translated folding paper case. In English you could call these models envelope. If you know my website or my YouTube channel, then you most likely will have seen some Tatou designs. These Origami envelopes can be used to store small items like jewellery, pocket change or just given to somebody your care for with a message inside. 

Hint: I folded my Tatou envelopes from regular Kami. I am not sure that this exact one is still available, but I found this Origami paper which comes in 40 colors!

The folding and collapse of this model should not be too difficult for most of you. All steps of the collapse process are shown in the video. (See the image above for all the creases that need to be present before you collapse the Braided Tatou.)

I hope you enjoy this simple Origami model as much as my other, more advanced Origami projects. So have fun, and happy folding! Check out some of my other Origami Tatou posts: Octagonal Tatou, Hexagonal Tatou or the Eight Point Tatou.

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