The Origami Celtic Circle Tessellation by Robin Scholz is a great beginner to intermediate tessellation project. Not only does it have this distinct and beautiful design, but there is also a great video tutorial by Sara Adams available. So if you ever wanted to dive into Origami tessellations, this is a wonderful project to do!


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Observations To Celtic Circle Tessellation

You should first decide for the appropriate paper and size. I folded my first Celtic Circle Tessellation with regular Kami paper. I think Kami is a great beginner choice as the paper can easily be manipulated. I am thinking about the open back triangle fold in particular, as there needs to be enough tension in the paper for your fingers to stretch the crease to the appropriate point. If you choose paper that is not flexible enough, you will not hit the proper end points and your triangle folds will not be accurate. I would also recommend you start with paper of about 20 cm / 7.8 in of size, as you need to fit a lot of grid lines into it. My purple Kami Celtic Circle Tessellation fold was from smaller paper (~12 cm / 4.7 in starting size). For my second Celtic Circle Tessellation I used thin baking paper, which was quite suitable for the model. I did not have any problems with the open back triangle folds or the open back hexagon folds. But if you have Glassine paper at hand, you should definitely try to fold this model with that one – as this is the paper of choice for all tessellations!

I think the best choice for the Celtic Circle Tessellation is look-through Glassine paper.

The first step for the Celtic Circle Tessellation is to transform your square Origami paper into a hexagon. There is a nice video (all videos concerning the Celtic Circle project are from Sara Adams) explaining the exact steps. Watch it here. The second step is to pre-crease your hexagon with a 32 line grid. This is not difficult, but should you need instructions, you can find it here. Also keep in mind, it is easier to fit a 32 grid onto a paper that is larger, compared to a smaller one. Now you are finally ready to start folding your Celtic Circle tessellation. The video instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

After you finished folding this the Celtic Circle Tessellation, it is always advisable to place your tessellation under a few heavy books to flatten the model.

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