Over the last few days I folded an 11 level Clover Tessellation by Shuzo Fujimoto. You can find the diagram in his Tessellation Book. You first need a large enough paper that will hold all your folds. I found a huge sheet of paper (not even Origami paper) that I cut down to 70 cm x 70 cm. The larger the paper, the more trouble you have to stay accurate. The first step is pre creasing the paper. It requires a ton of pre-creasing: 64 x 64 diagonal and 64 x 64 parallel. Just the pre creasing alone took about 2 days. The folding itself was very difficult especially for the first 6 levels. The more you are at the beginning, the more paper you need to move along. Towards the end I got the hang of it and it went quite smoothly. The last 5 levels I completed within one day.

Should a newcomer try such a model: Certainly NOT! You will try to rip out a lot of hair 😉 …

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What have you learned? That folding standing up for hours and hours causes tremendous back pain.

Was it worth it? No, I just wanted it to be over!

Take my last three lines with a pinch of humor! 🙂

I post some images I took along the way. Then maybe you can understand what kind of huge job this model was…

By the way, it is far from perfect – I just wanted to finish it. (Plus the paper gave in too easily as well, as I don’t have really access to Origami paper that large)

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