Let me introduce you today to another beautiful and unusual Origami Tatou (envelope), that you might not have seen so far. It is designed by Mrs. Tomoko Fuse, the master of modern Origami in Japan. The diagram can be found in the book “Tsuru / Crane Origami” (published 2002), p. 62. Update Nov. 2016: I realized that this book is out of print – there are other Origami books, that emphasise on crane models, like this one  – “NOA Crane Book“.

The Crane Tatou is folded from one single square sheet of paper. You might have problems folding the head of the crane down and reversing the fold, if you are using thicker kind of paper like Washi style paper. I also would not recommend to use the model as a real life envelope, as you might have problems refolding some of the folds.

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This model looks lovely when folded from Japanese Kami paper or even authentic Washi paper!


This Origami Crane Tatou can be finished off in two different ways: As a parallelogram with two cranes on opposite sides, or as a square 4 crane model.

All together, this is a fun and unusual model, that I really enjoyed working with!



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