This is the second part of my Origami Crane Wreath Series, all of which have been designed by Mrs. Tomoko Fuse. Hop over to here, to see the first model. All of these models can be found in the Book of Cranes, published in 2002,  (Japanese: 鶴の折り紙) by Tomoko Fuse. {I know a lot of people were looking for this book, but I only found it on Amazon Japan.} 🙁

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This particular model is put together by 8 identical crane modules (colorful) and 8 identical connector modules (black). The folding was exactly what you would expect from folding crane modules (there is always a certain difficulty in reversing the last fold and shaping the neck & tail part). The assembly was unexpectedly a bit tricky, as it was not too easy to insert the connectors into the crane wings. But in the end it turned out well anyway. I also would recommend you to press the finished model underneath some heavy books for a day or so, so the wreath will be (more or less) flat.

No need to buy duo paper, you can just use regular Japanese Kami for this Crane Wreath!

Be sure to be on the lookout for the next Crane Wreath in this series!

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