The other day, while browsing through one of my books, I came across these cute origami panda. I saw these exact origami panda before and really liked how adorable they looked. So what better model to fold! After folding three of them, I wanted to add to the scene some bamboo, to complete the layout. This makes it a perfect origami picture to frame and hang on the wall.

Cute Panda Bamboo Origami

The Giant Origami Panda is designed by Ms. Taiko Niwa. You can find the diagram in her book “Send, Decorate or Use Origami Paper Box and Accessories“, page 64.

Cute Panda Origami

The bamboo origami leaves and stems are by Tomoko Tanaka. The diagram is from the book “100 Origami Paper Flowers“, page 71. The book is sadly out of print. Original title “折り紙色紙百花“, author “田中具子“. Published 1996, 120 pages.

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Cute Panda Bamboo Origami
Cute Panda Bamboo Origami

Some details to the Origami Panda

For each panda you need 2 sheets of Kami paper. I used 15 cm regular ones, but you can fold baby pandas as well to round up your perfect origami panda family!

Ms. Taiko Niwa design has several variations, so your panda can either stand, sit or crawl. I’ve seen some even doing handstands. You know that those adorable creatures are just too silly! 😉 In the diagram she shows how to make them all.

Cute Panda Bamboo Origami
Cute Panda Bamboo Origami

The design is pretty easy, so it’s suitable even for the complete beginner.

Details to the Bamboo Leaves and Stems

For getting a reasonable size comparison between the panda (folded from 15 cm paper), you will need to cut down your paper to about 3.75 cm triangles. So from one sheet of 15 cm Kami paper you can fold 32 leaves.

Cute Panda Bamboo Origami

From all the origami bamboo leaves I know, these seem to look most realistic. Ms. Tomoko Tanaka also shows in her diagram how to fold the stems of the bamboo plant. Regarding the origami bamboo stems, this is the only design I know of that exist.

Would like to fold a different, but nevertheless cute origami animal? Have a look at the origami unicorn I folded quite recently as well. It’s not as easy, but there is a great video tutorial available.

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