To make this cute Disney Perler/Hama beads mobile you will need some Disney figures. I used the bigger & smaller Perler bead pattern for Mickey & Minnie Mouse, as well as the Donald & Daisy Duck Perler bead pattern. All three patterns can be found below. Besides the figures you will need 3 bamboo rods. I actually used those wooden bamboo BBQ skewer sticks. They are strong enough for this model and can probably found in any household. You will also need string, small clothespins and possible needles in several sizes to make (enlarge) holes.

First I measured on all three sticks the middle and about one inch in on all sides. I marked it with a pencil. Later on you will hang your string from these markings. Only the top rod will not hold any figures but only the two other rods on both sides. Then you will need to cut, thread and tie the string – connecting the figures. I secured my string with those wooden clothespins that are normally used for scrapbooking. I find this method better, as you can still adjust all pieces with ease.

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Once everything is connected and placed on the rods it is time to hang from the ceiling. There you might need to adjust the balance by moving the clothespins with the string a bit to either side.

I really enjoy when the mobile moves with a little bit of air circulation like the wind that comes through the open window. It is surprisingly strong and withstands actually a quite strong breeze.

Donald, Daisy Duck Perler Beads Patterns


Mickey, Minnie Mouse Perler Beads Patterns



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