Ever since José surprised me with the diagrams to her beautiful Fleuria origami model, I’ve been wanting to prepare a tutorial. Finally, all stars aligned and here it is:

WOW, From Whom is Fleuria?

Fleuria is a modular origami star or mandala, designed by José Meeusen, a Dutch origami artist and designer. She has been creating origami for about 40 years, and thanks G-d she is not slowing down! You can find her on IG: @xephirart, Facebook and Flickr. She is very passionate about her origami and even has an IG account where she shares her diagrams: @xephiroridiags.

Origami Fleuria Star Tutorial

Specific Details to Fleuria Origami

Fleuria Origami is a modular design made up of 12 units starting from square sized papers. The steps are easy to follow and remember, so you can make one Fleuria in no time.

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Origami Fleuria Star Tutorial

As you can see from my pictures, there are a few different versions of Fleuria, all made with minor modifications of the basic Fleuria module. In my video, I show you how to fold the basic one and as a bonus, I show you how you can make a similar one like the black/grey one you can see here on my website.

Origami Fleuria Star Tutorial

What Kind of Origami Paper Should I Use?

You can fold the Fleuria from really any paper. I used regular notes papers, Kami and Gradient Kami. As you need 12 units per Fleuria model, you can achieve niece patterns: All one color with Kami, 2 colors or even 3 and 4 colors, as they all divide from 12. (12:2, 12:3, 12:4)

Origami Fleuria Star Tutorial

I would suggest you don’t use paper that is too big, as you need to hold the model in your hand tightly while assembling it. If the paper is too big, you will have problems holding it. My recommended size is 7.5 cm/3 inch paper.

Origami Fleuria Star Tutorial

What Gradient Paper Did You Use For Your Fleuria Origami?

I found a very economic way of buying gradient origami paper. You can get on Amazon crane folding paper in huge packs with over 1000 papers inside, cut down to a neat size of 7.5 cm. And it is even made in Japan with really good quality. The papers are nice, thin and crisp – and very easy to fold with. And as we see here with my Fleuria works, you don’t need to use it for folding cranes. This paper is really made for modular origami!

Origami Fleuria Star Tutorial

José is not only great in designing modular origami, but made beautiful origami boxes and tato (origami envelope) as well. A while ago I folded an interesting Star Tato created by her.

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