Welcome to my first FREE printable Origami paper pack giveaway! I made each of the designs with love and in regard to Origami – so I hope you will find them useful. All of the designs were made by myself. Each of the Origami designs are available in high resolution (300 dpi), and have trim marks on the edges. All you have to do is print them and cut along the lines (best with craft knife instead of scissors). And then – obviously have fun folding some awesome Origami!


Download HERE

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This download link to the FREE printable Origami paper is only available for 3 days. Afterwards this Origami paper pack will be closed – and new ones will be available some other time. If you are interested in getting this Origami paper pack for FREE, it might be wise to download it now. 🙂

I decided to leave the download link open, as I don’t have so much time right now to create more printable origami paper. I hope you like it. 🙂

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