Today’s article is a selection of three Origami Tato (Envelopes) from the latest Japanese origami superstar Kamikey. I found the diagrams in her origami book “Kamikey’s origami book – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter カミキィの季節のおりがみ (飾る・使う・贈る)”. She holds the number 1 spot on the bestseller list of origami since she published her book in Japan in October 2018. That’s quite an achievement for a first time author!

Origami Kamikey Tato Envelope

Kamikey is not only the author of this book, but famous on YouTube and Instagram – and not in Japan alone! She published many of the designs from her book first on Youtube.

I want to tell you the backstory of how we ended up with this interesting origami book. I actually bought it for my 7 year old daughter as a holiday gift. I was pleasantly surprised, as it is filled with so many interesting designs that have geometric folding sequences. The book is a collection of cute figures, beautiful wreaths, adorable boxes and colorful decorations. The projects are suitable for children (cute bears, cats, reindeers), but also for grown ups, that love geometric origami.

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Origami Kamikey Tato Envelope

I ended up folding some of the designs together with my 7 year old daughter, and that’s how I came up with today’s article of Kamikeys Origami Tato (envelopes).

Where to find the diagrams in the book?

The 3 designs are actually the beginning part of a sunflower ひまわり(purple tato – p. 72) and a camellia つばき (blue and orange – p. 18, once folded with the space in the middle, and once without). The blue and orange envelopes remind me a bit of the Origami Koji Fushimi Tato.

Origami Kamikey Tato Envelope

Recommend the book?

Yes!! I was pleasantly surprised with the content of the book. I thought that the designs will be too easy and geared more towards the younger audience. But I was wrong, I really enjoyed folding Kamikey’s origami works. The diagrams are photo diagrams with the folding symbols overlaid. This makes it easier for beginners to learn to read origami diagrams.

Origami Kamikey Tato Envelope

If you like these origami envelopes, you might also like my Braided Tato Envelope Tutorial. It is also cool looking and is based on geometric foldings.

By reading my short review of Kamikey’s work and book, you might wonder if this is a paid review or if I got the book in return for some exposure. Well, absolutely not! Every word I write here on is my opinion. 🙂 As I literally live and breath origami daily, I want to share with you my thoughts…

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