Let me introduce you to my latest project – the Origami Kimono Sonobe Kusudama Tutorial! So I browsed on Maria Sinayskaya’s Flickr page and discovered this elegant Origami sonobe variation, called Kimono Sonobe. Maria was so kind and gave me permission to demonstrate her beautiful design. Thank you! As you probably already know, she maintains a very nice Origami website. Please do check it out – her work is really fabulous! By the way if you would like to see another amazing creation of Maria Sinayskaya that I folded, head over to the 12 Pointed Origami star page.

For this Origami project I chose to fold the Kusudama version with 30 units. Other assembly variations are possible as well.

Kimono Sonobe – Paper, Ratio & Measurements

For the Kimono Sonobe Kusudama Tutorial project, you will need 30 sheets of paper in the ratio of 2:3. You can use Kami, Duo Colored Origami paper or any other paper that is reasonably thin and has a different color on front and backside. Don’t be scared of the ratio – this one is actually really simple to achieve: You take a square sheet of paper and divide it into half. Then you turn the paper 90 degrees and divide by 3. 😉 Yes, 2:3!! Now you get 6 units out of one square paper.

Tips: Do you want to know more about Origami Papers or find out which Tools I am using?

Use the Paper Ratio Calculator (link below) – if you need help calculating your paper measurements.

By the way, if you like this duo colored patterned Origami paper, that I used for the Kimono Sonobe, it is Japanese paper from Aitoh.

The measurements I used for my Kimono Sonobe Kusudama (cut from a 15 cm / 5.9 in paper) were: 7.5 cm x 5 cm / 3 in x 2 in. This could be too small for you (as the assembly gets reasonably harder, the smaller the paper). You should watch first the video (the assembly especially) and decide then if you should choose bigger paper.


The folding is very simple and so easy to remember.


The assembly is a bit more tricky than what you might be used from Sonobe assemblies. But you could always help yourself by securing your work with miniature craft pins or paper clips.

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