I have spent most of July working on my latest design, the King’s Crown Origami Box. This design is a 12 sided single sheet origami box, starting from a Dodecagon. If you would like to fold this design, look further down for the crease pattern. If you folded origami boxes from crease patterns before, you should not have any problem completing this model.

King's Crown Origami Box

The specialty of this design is that the box has a regular height plus a secondary height, which goes over to become part of the closing mechanism. After the secondary height finishes, there is a direction change in the design. The top closing part looks kind of like a King’s Crown – thus the name.

King's Crown Origami Box

Since devoting my time to this design, I came up with 6 different versions. In each version I changed either the angle a bit or the length of one of the sides.

King's Crown Origami Boxes

Last time I took some draft pictures of my King’s Crown Origami Box. For once, I wanted to give you a glimpse into part of the design process, and second I wanted to have your opinion on which one of the versions is the most successful. I knew that not all of them could make the cut. Besides that, I had also my favorite, which overlapped mostly with your favorite one. So, thank you all for your feedback!

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King's Crown Origami Box

In this last week I folded the selected box in more colorful paper. My second choice, the King’s Crown Origami Box v.3, I included as well. As paper I used medium thick card stock, as this suits the model the best.

King's Crown Origami Box

How to make your own King’s Crown Origami Box?

First select the paper. As mentioned above, thicker paper works best. Try either with card stock or Tant. Print out the design onto your paper. The printed side will be the inside of your box. Chose draft print, as this gives the weakest print lines. Then cut out the outside of the dodecagon (12 sided polygon). Then take either a scoring tool or an empty 0.4 mm gel pen and score all lines. As a guide which lines are valley- and mountain folds, refer to my picture below. Red are mountain folds, blue are valley folds. Once you pre creased all lines in the correct way, collapse.

King's Crown Origami Box CP Guide

My personal tip to this specific design:

I used a rubber band to hold my King’s Crown Box together before I collapse the final top folds. Then you don’t have to juggle keeping the box together, before the final layer bends down and closes the box.

King's Crown Origami Box

Download the CP for the King’s Crown Origami Box:

The difference between those two versions is the height of the upper part (and thus the angle of ) of the box. The colorful boxes upper height is slightly less long, yet the angle is higher. The cream colored box (v.3) is slightly higher in general. The closing (crown part) is the same, and the bottom height of the box is also the same.

King’s Crown Box (purple, yellow & green)

King’s Crown Box v.3 (cream colored card stock)

King's Crown Origami Box

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