This is the Lily Pad Origami Box, which I just created. It is a single sheet design, which starts from an Octadecagon (18 sided polygon). Besides the twist closing completely, it also has a color change if you use two sided origami paper. Just like my other box designs, it is a twist lock box.

Lily Pad Origami Box

Update: I forgot when I first published that I did not mark in the CP which lines are mountain or valley folds. I am already used to how the creases must align, that I forgot to mark it for others. So, I updated the CP – black lines are valley folds, blue lines are mountain folds. Look below for it. 🙂

Want to fold my Lily Pad Origami Box?

In general, the creasing and following the crease pattern shouldn’t be too difficult. But, as this twist box overlaps on the top, the closing and bringing it into its final shape is a bit of a struggle. You have been warned. 🙂

Lily Pad Origami Box

You should print the crease pattern straight onto the paper you intend to use. You can even do that with Kami paper, even though it is not A4 size. You only need to define first in your printer application the size (e.g. 20 cm x 20 cm as a custom size). Then take out all other papers from the tray and place only your Kami inside.

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Lily Pad Origami Box

All other examples that you see here I folded with regular colored copy paper. I think that this paper is actually a bit too soft for this box. Kami is definitely better. I also tried one box with card stock. But this was even more of a struggle, as its difficult to bend the folds together, so the box makes the twist.

Crease Pattern for the Lily Pad Origami Box:

Lily Pad Origami Box Color CP

Explanation to the CP: blue lines are mountain folds, all other lines are valley folds.

Dimensions of the finished design:

6.5 cm diameter, 2 cm height (body), 3.5 cm total height

The finished box is relatively small, but the starting paper size is about 20 cm. The closing arms need to be rather large (compared to the height), as they need to reach into the center of the box, twist and go back out.

Lily Pad Origami Box

If you enjoy folding origami twist boxes, have a look at another design of mine, the King’s Crown Origami Box. The closing is slightly easier than the Lily Pad origami box.

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