As part of my exploration into all kinds of origami roses, I came across this beautiful Long Origami Rose. It is designed by Toshikazu Kawasaki. Actually, it is part of a Step-by-Step exercise of the 1 Minute Rose. The diagram to this Long Origami Rose is in the book “The Greatest Dream Origami“, page 9 and in the book “Origami Yume (Dream) World“, page 55.

The making of this origami rose is really very simple. There are literally only a few steps to complete this rose. Furthermore, you don’t need to fold any grid, that normally is necessary for most Kawasaki Roses.

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Long Origami Rose

The Connection to the Square Tall Twist Box

After I folded this rose, I thought something was missing. I knew that this origami rose is part of an exercise to teach you how to fold the more difficult Kawasaki Roses. So I decided to create an origami container that holds exactly this rose. Both of the origami designs together form a nice origami gift.

Long Origami Rose

Follow the link to the Square Tall Origami Twist Box Tutorial to learn how to fold this exact box.

Origami Long Rose

Which Paper Is Recommended?

I used 15 cm / 6 in Japanese Kami paper for all three origami long roses. The link leads to the exact paper I used for my 3 origami roses. You can use the same paper for the origami boxes holding the roses. Although the white box (seen in the video) was made with regular copy paper.

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