Ever since I saw the Origami Lotus flower the first time, I fell in love with it. Today I want to share this beautiful Origami flower with you. The folding part of the Origami Lotus is actually very easy. This Origami project is modular Origami, as it is put together from 8 modules which shape the petals and 4 modules which shape the leaves.

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The only thing that will make or break your Origami Lotus is the choice of paper. If your paper is too stiff or not flexible enough, your petals will rip – and you will suffer great frustration. I recommend you using the following papers. For once you can use duo colored Origami paper, where both sides have the same color. Origami paper is flexible enough and won’t tear as quickly as for example construction paper or card stock. I have tried several Origami lotus flowers with card stock, but almost all of them suffered from ripped petals. If you want to use some kind of thicker and stiffer paper, you could try with some kind of patterned card stock. Look around and check properly that it will not tear. The paper you see in the video is regular square notes paper (Just like post-it notes, just without the glue strip). It was actually a great surprise, as this paper is so easily available and so inexpensive. This paper is also available in all colors and colored on both sides. Besides the paper you will need scissors, paper clips and a rubber band.


You will need 8 petals and 4 leaves. So you can just cut one square piece of paper into two. This gives you either two petals or two leaves. Continue until you have exactly 8 papers that will shape your petals and 4 different colored papers which will shape the leaves. In the tutorial video I have used yellow for the petals and blue (turquoise) for the leaves. The cut paper from the Origami Lotus Tutorial video measured 8.5 cm x 4.3 cm / 3.3 in x 1.7 in. The finished Origami Lotus flower is about 8 cm / 3.1 in in diameter from the edge of the leaf. You can go bigger or smaller, just keep the proportion of 1:2. So a square makes two papers.

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