Today I got a private message via YouTube from someone asking me to make a video of this model by Mrs. V’ann Cornelius. I am not able to make a tutorial video for this design as sadly Mrs. Cornelius passed away in 2008. It is always tricky to contact the authors of the various designs that I have in mind. But it is even more difficult (if not impossible) if the designer passed away. In any case, maybe by showcasing this wonderful one-sheet-model, we will be able to remember a wonderful Origamist and person.

This design was published at least twice in various Origami magazines. It was featured under the name “One Piece Box With Lid” in the BOS Magazine 240 p. 29 (2006) and in the Origami USA Convention book from 2002, p. 50 under the name “Self Lidded Box”. The later is still available for purchase for non-members for $10 and members for $5.

Paper & Ratio

You will  need 1 piece of rectangular paper (for example A4). You can use regular copy paper (for example colored ones) and even softer card stock.

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Following the diagram & Folding

The model starts out by dividing the length of the paper into 5. I just used a ruler and calculator to mark the first two sections. From there it is quite easy to continue on folding. The diagrams show the first few steps quite well – well up to the step where you will need to fold the bottom part of the box. Sadly there is not much information in the diagram for this step, but after playing around with this model for a bit, I found the solution myself.


The One Piece Box With Lid is quite a nice one sheet Origami project. After you fold two or three, you will remember all the steps by heart. Remember to crease all folds properly with a bone folder or your fingernails, as this will help you keep the box in the closed position. You obviously don’t need any glue, but if you want to use it for a small present, then you probably want to use a drop of it to keep if from unfolding.

I hope you liked my little introduction to this cute Origami box design. I would love to hear from you regarding this model or any other ones.

  • Origami Box with Lid
    Origami Box with Lid


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