I guess I am in my Origami Box phase, started by the request of Gwendoline King. She asked me about the V’ann Cornelius “One Piece Box with Lid”. She also pointed me towards today’s project: “One Sheet Origami Square Box with Lid”. The source is a Chinese website that shows a Step by Step tutorial of this box. You can find the tutorial on Mrs. Eagle Su Zhuoying’s website. I am not 100% sure if Mrs. Eagle Su Zhuoying is the actual designer of this box, but I assume so.

Paper, Measurements & Folding

You only need one piece of paper (best is card stock) with the ratio of 1:2. I folded my small Origami box with “Neroli” 200 gsm heavyweight cardstock with the measurements of 10 cm x 20 cm / 4 in x 8 in. The finished box measures 5 cm x 5 cm x 2.5 cm / 2 in x 2 in x 1 in.

The Square Box was made from Neroli card stock. You can get that paper on Ebay.

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The pictures from Mrs. Zhuoying’s website show you each step of the way, until you have a finished box in your hands. She shows two ways of how to fold the bottom part of the box. See the steps that hide the triangle inside the box here.

I noticed that when you close the finished box, that the sides of the bottom part kind of cave in. So I sat and went through all the folds and marked out only the necessary ones – so you end up without unnecessary folds once your box is finished (plus your sides won’t cave in). Have a look below at my changes:

Please watch out for Valley – and Mountain Folds. Follow the steps of the original tutorial (Chinese) and just check with my diagram, which creases can be omitted to get a better looking box.

As always, don’t hesitate to comment if you have any questions and please let me know how yours turned out.

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