This stunning Open Faced Tornado Kusudama is designed by the Nicaraguan Origami artist Aldo Marcell. Mr. Marcell also designed the well known Tornado Kusudama. You can find the tutorial for the Tornado Kusudama here. You can find more of his beautiful Origami creations on his personal Flickr page.

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Folding Info

To build the Open Faced Tornado Kusudama, you will need 30 small square duo colored papers. You probably should not use too large papers. My largest one I folded was with paper around 10 cm / 3.9 in long. If your papers are too large, your Kusudama won’t be as stable.

Fold the Open Faced Kusudama in bold rainbow colors from Kami paper, or try to spice it up with more color choices by using Duo Colored paper to get more color variety!

The folding of the modules is not difficult – which makes this a nice intermediate Origami project. You will probably need around 3 – 5 minutes for each module to fold.

Normally people tend to fold the Tornado Kusudamas with only one main color. This shows the dramatic effect of the Tornado Kusudamas. I played around with the colors and folded two of my Open Faced Kusudamas with 5 different colors. I chose bright rainbow colors. Each side of the 12 sides of the Kusudama has (at least at the beginning) one of the 5 colors.

I also reversed the colors of my Open Faced Tornado Kusudamas. Instead of starting with the white side up, I started with the colored side up. That gives an interesting affect to the already beautiful Origami model. You can see both of them underneath:


The assembly of the Open Faced Tornado Kusudama is not difficult. You will need to open part of the fold, hook in the second module and reinsert both parts into the existing pocket. The whole Kusudama can be assembled without any glue. The final Kusudama is very stable, and you won’t need to worry of it coming apart.

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