The other day, when I was checking my Flickr feed, a really beautiful star caught my eyes. It was one of Maria Sinayskaya’s 12 Pointed Star variation. Maria designs wonderful modular Origami like Kusudama and Origami stars. You should definitely check out her Flickr page and see all of the beautiful Origami designs she creates. By the way, I used Kami for all my stars on this page.

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I folded three different versions of the same 12 Pointed Star design. The module is really easy and you can finish folding all 12, that you need for building one star, in probably less than half an hour. The assembly also goes quite easy, although there is a slight difficulty when combining the first with the last module. If you fold more than one star, it will get better with each one.

The 12 Pointed Star looks so pretty with regular Kami paper, but could also look amazing with Duo Colored Paper!

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