The 3D Woven Wreath is a nice example of modular Origami, where you use several folded piece of paper to complete one finished Origami model. The folding of this Origami wreath is pretty easy but the result is stunning! A word of caution: You will need glue to keep your finished Origami Wreath together. There are some models that hold together pretty well on its own, for example the Origami Crane Wreath. Also once you piece all your folded papers together, you will realize that the center ring keeps coming apart. You have to be very accurate when gluing your paper pieces together, so the center will be in a circle shape.

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You will need 20 squares of paper of Origami paper. As with all modular Origami, you can make beautiful patterns when you alternate colors. The Origami Woven Tutorial video below uses 4 colors that alternate. You could choose more or less – it’s up to your imagination.

For models like this one, I like to use Kami paper, but if I want more variety, I will use Duo paper!


If you use 15 cm x 15 cm / 6 in x 6 in square paper, your finished 3D Woven Wreath will measure about 13 cm / 5in in diameter.

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