Let me introduce you to another wonderful and not so well known box, the Origami Albers Box, by Jun Maekawa. The Albers box is a modular Origami model, folded from 4 sheets of paper. The diagram for the Albers box can be found in the latest book, released Nov. 1, 2016 “Folding Geometry” (CDJapan). Even though all the text is in Japanese, there should not be any problem understanding the diagram if you are not fluent of the Japanese language.

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Origami Albers Box – Paper

I tried two types of paper for this model: regular Kami (which is moderately thin) and slightly thicker colorful note paper. I actually liked the thinner Kami more, as the folds seemed more accurately, which gave a better result in the finished box. You could also try to fold it with Tant (which would be perfect as it is uni colored and mistakes don’t show up in white).

If you like the paper, that I used for the Albers box, then you will like this Japanese Origami paper.

The diagram to the Origami Albers Box is easy to follow, and there are only a few steps until you finish each module – so you will know the steps by heart in no time. The assembly is also quite easy.

The only downside is that the Albers box seems to be “not heavy enough”, does not flatten properly and seems a bit “crooked”. You will see small imperfections, especially when looking down into the center of the box. It might be advisable to fold the Albers box from single colored paper (opposed to Kami, which is white underneath), as small mistakes might be less visible. To get the Origami Albers box (especially center) looking perfect, you could put a small piece of cello tape on the bottom of the box (where all 4 modules meet).

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