In the November issue of the NOA magazine (Nr. 495) I found this cute Origami bear, designed by Edwin Corrie. I normally don’t fold too many animals, but this one seemed to adorable to pass on! Anyway, you can find the diagram to the Origami bear in the NOA magazine 495, p. 34- 36. I would rate this design beginner to intermediate difficulty.

If you are interested in finding older NOA magazines then you should check CDJapan. They don’t carry all the backwards issues, but if you are lucky, they might have what you are looking for.

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Origami Bear – More Info


You will need one sheet of 15 cm / 5.9 in Kami to make this cute Origami bear. The diagram is clear (even though it is in Japanese language), and there are 43 steps from beginning to end. Most of the steps have reference points, and only very few you will need to approximate (e.g. nose). I guess for people who have experience in folding Origami animals, this is probably an easier model.



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