The Origami Brick Box by Akiko Yamanashi is another interesting Origami box I would like to introduce you to. You can find the diagram in the Tanteidan Convention Book Nr. 22, p. 6.

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Akiko Yamanashi is quite famous for interesting Origami box designs – like the Origami Decoration Box with a Rose I previously folded and showcased or the Secret Heart Box. He also published a book in 2016, called “Origami  Box“, which is on my list to get :).

Origami Brick Box Introduction

The Origami Brick Box is actually a modular Origami model, as it is put together by 3 identical modules. The speciality of this design is the twist action that locks and unlocks this box. Have a look at the picture above that shows the open box, vs the closed box. The folding of each module is quite easy. As the diagram suggests, you should try the twist mechanism on each of the modules, so the paper remembers this movement. Once fully connected, you might need to play around for a bit until you get the box to lock. Leave it locked for a bit, so the paper remembers the position, then it always opens and closes to the exact position without any problems.

The modular Origami Brick Box really looks beautiful in these pastel papers. You can achieve a similar look with this Pastel Tant paper!


Don’t forget to choose paper at least 15 cm / 6 in big, otherwise you will have problems connecting your box. The finished box measures about 5 cm / 1.9 in. In the blue/green/orange example below, I have used paper that was only about 8 cm/ 3.1 in, and it was quite difficult to reach the places to connect the modules together. The box itself is also too small (3cm / 1.1 in) to be really useful.

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