As some of you might have guessed, I am slightly obsessed with origami cranes and origami boxes (or containers). So I was really excited when I discovered this cute Origami Crane Container.

Origami Crane Container

The original title of this model is Crane-shaped receptacle 鶴の器. This model was created by Ms. Noriko Sumida 住田則子. You can find the diagram in the NOA magazine Nr. 467, page 24.

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A Few Words to the Crane Container

The Origami Crane Container is an easy model with only 19 steps. All you need is one square sheet of origami paper. Kami works best for this model.

Origami Crane Container

Do you know any other great crane boxes?

A while ago I folded the origami model “Box with two Cranes” by Peter Budai. If you like this model, you definitely like that one too!

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