This Modular Origami model is made from 8 single Origami cranes that are connected by folding and tucking in edges. These Origami cranes are not folded the same way as the traditional Origami Crane (Tsuru). This Origami Crane Wreath model is not too difficult to fold, so even beginners could try this special Origami model.

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To make an Origami Crane Wreath, you will need 8 square sheets of paper. You can use Kami or other suitable Origami paper. I opted for the Kami.

One of the Origami Crane (Tsuru – in Japanese) Wreaths I folded in rainbow colors. And the other one I alternated two colors. Both of them look very nice, you should try them both. Have a look at my examples:


You first fold your paper into a “Waterbomb” Base. This is not too difficult – and is one of the main bases of Origami. Then you start to shape your Crane. Again most folds are not too difficult to accomplish. There is one tricky move that might not come out too perfect at the beginning. You will need to pull down a flap and fold the sides in. If you are not 100% accurate up to were you fold down the flap, your sides will not form a pointed corner. In my Origami Crane Wreath Tutorial I tried to overcome it by scoring the line first and then folding it down. You will see what I mean when you reach this stage.


The assembly of your Origami Crane Ring is relatively easy and the cranes hold together nicely on its own. There is no need for glue. I show you exactly where you have to tuck in the flaps so your Origami wreath holds together.

  • Origami Crane Wreath Tutorial
  • Origami Crane Wreath
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