Today’s discovery is the Origami Cube Box by Giovanni Maltagliati. You can find the diagram of the cube box in two publications: NOA Magazine Nr. 518 and in the book “Which is a new world – Masterpiece Collection” (おりがみ新世界―名人達の傑作集) by Kunihiko Kasahara 笠原 邦彦, p. 54.

Origami Cube Box

I Want Some More Details!

By looking at this design, you would not believe it is already 35 years old. Furthermore, the woven structure of the lid gives this model a modern feel.

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All you need to make this box is one square sheet of paper. The process is pretty easy. There are several ways you can close the box, as well as change the height of the box (see grey example that I folded). The diagram in the above-mentioned sources describes all different options.

Origami Cube Box

The only downside I see is, that the box does not stay closed by itself. You will need to find a different solution to keep it closed completely (maybe tie a string around it?).

Even though the origami cube box closing mechanism is totally unique, I’ve folded other boxes and envelopes that might interest you: Braided Tatou (envelope) and possibly the One Sheet Rectangular Origami Box.

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