I recently stumbled across a very cute Origami Cube/Box Frog design, that I want to share with you today. It is designed by Go Kinoshita 木下剛, a Japanese origami designer. You can find the diagram of the Origami Cube Frog サイコロガエル in the Origami Tanteidan Convention Book Vol. 24, p. 86.

Origami Frog Cube Box

What Makes the Origami Cube Frog so Special

I looked once at this design and fell in love with it. The eyes, the tongue and the boxy shape are what makes this design. And on top of it, it is a practical origami that can be used as a box.

Origami Frog Cube Box

A Few Words to the Design

The design is based on a square, single-sheet origami and starts off with a grid of 5×5 that collapses into this cute origami box/cube structure. You fold the eyes, legs and hands and you are done. Altogether there are only 18 steps and a crease pattern is given as well. I think most of you folders should be able to complete this model with the diagram instructions.

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My personal tip

While folding my test fold, I followed the steps chronologically but realized that you achieve a more accurate end result if you just follow the crease pattern and then collapse the model from there. You don’t need to shape the legs, arms, and eyes while the model is already in a 3d shape, thus making it difficult. But you can just place all creases beforehand on the flat piece of paper.

Once you finish the Cube Frog, the design allows you to tilt the cube forward. The design balances on the hands and legs of the frog.

If you want to use the Origami Cube Frog, it is easy to open the top part (eyes and head) on existing creases. It snaps back elegantly when you want to close it again.

Origami Frog Cube Box


I folded my three origami frog boxes from regular Kami (20 cm, 15 cm & 10 cm). Kami is good enough if you just want to use the frog as a decoration and holds only very light items. If you want to use it as an origami box, you will need to fold it from stronger paper. The problem here is to find stronger origami paper that is either duo colored or has a white backside.

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