Recently I discovered another great modular Origami cube design by Jun Maekawa. You can find this model in the new book by Seiji Nishikawa, called Origami Gaku, p. 58 – 59. The model uses 3 colors x 2 sheets = 6 units of regular Kami paper, to bring out it’s unique design. You can use any size like standard 15 cm or less. I used 10 cm / 4 in paper in spring colors. The folding sequence is easy and straight forward.

Origami cube Jun Maekawa

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I recently bought two more of Jun Maekawa Origami books that focus entirely on the beauty of geometry in Origami. If you are interested in this style of origami, you should definitely have a look at them. The series is called “Genuine Origami“. Band 1 focuses mostly on single sheet models (best for learning to fold animals) and Band 2 features models that stem from paper with the length of the square root of two. They were published both in Japanese and English. Band 2 (Japanese version) includes a lot of Origami cubes as well. The English version of Band 2 was split into 2 volumes 1 & 2. But essentially they contain the same amount of models.  His latest book “Folding Geometry” includes a lot of unusual Origami models and even more additional Origami cubes. I am lucky to own all three of them :).

If you want to check out another very interesting geometrical model by Jun Maekawa, head over to the article of the Albers Box.

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