This weekend I had the pleasure of folding this interesting Origami Rose box by Mrs. Akiko Yamanashi. She recently published a whole book of her beautiful box designs in the book “Origami Box“, which you can get from CDJapan. This is actually the fifth Rose box that I folded. In the past I have enjoyed folding other Origami rose boxes like the famous one from Shin Han-Gyo, the cute square one from Ayako Kawate, the interesting one from Ryo Aoki and last but not least the rectangular Origami box from Seiji Nishikawa. I hope I will find some more, as I really like this combination.

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Details About This Model

This model is put together by 5 different elements: The traditional Masu Box bottom, the modified Masu Box lid, the Rose Tessellation element, the base that holds the rose in place and the 4 small leaves that attach to the base. I enjoyed folding the whole model, but was most impressed by the rose tessellation element. Besides using Kami paper for most part of the box, I also used Tant paper for the rose. I really love working with Tant paper and intend to use it much more from now on.

These Origami boxes have been mixed & matched with different kinds of Origami paper (mostly Kami). But it is recommended to use Tant paper for the rose in the center of the box!


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