I am not too often folding animals, but then I came across some interesting Origami fish, designed by Lui Hsi-Hua. This is by the way the second fish that I fold – the first Origami fish was exactly 2 years ago. The diagram to this model was published in the Origami Olympiad 3 from 2009. The interesting part of this design for me was the rather geometric folding approach and the two colored finished outcome of this model.

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Folding & Difficulty

The folding of the Origami fish is based on a 8 x 8 grid and then collapses from there. Another fold that comes to my mind that starts also as an 8 x 8 grid, is the Origami Rose Box by Shin Han-Gyo (one of my favorite folds). I did not have any problems folding this model, especially that all the steps are very nicely diagrammed.


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