I was intrigued about the Origami Fushimi Cube ever since I first read about it while folding the Origami Jewel Box. So to get right to the point, this is the famous origami cube, designed by Koji Fushimi 伏見 康治.

Origami Fushimi Cube

This model was published originally in 1979 in the book “The Geometry of Origami” 折り紙の幾何学, by Koji Fushimi and Mitsue Fushimi. [Sometimes their names are spelled Husimi, as it is difficult to get a one-to-one translation from Japanese. Also, their first names sometimes appear as Kodi and Mizue.] As the original book is long out of print, you can find the diagram in a modern origami book as well. The book is called “Folding Geometry” by Jun Maekawa. He devoted chapter 3.8 to the Origami Fushimi Cube, page 112 to 113.

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If you like geometric origami models, then the Fushimi Cube will not disappoint you. This is a one-sheet origami cube, folded from a square sheet of paper. Only one side of the paper shows, so Kami is sufficient, although anything stronger might make you happier. I folded my green origami cube with regular Japanese Kami.

Origami Fushimi Cube

The model works like this: fold and crease geometric lines. Each new line linking to a proper reference point. Once you have the whole crease pattern on your paper, you collapse your model. The collapse is fairly easy, thus making it an ideal beginner model. The opening and closing process is great as well, so you can easily gift it to someone without much origami experience.

Origami Fushimi Cube

The Origami Fushimi Cube falls into the category of practical origami, as you can just use it to store some small items or give as a gift to somebody. If you want to know another single-sheet origami box you could fold, have a look at the Square Box with Lid article.

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