There were two origami heart designs that captured my heart (!) and that I wanted to fold – the Origami Heart with Cranes and this one. This one is just as beautiful as the first one. Both of them are from Andrey Lukyanov, a Ukrainian origami creator, and contributor of the IOIO (the International Origami Internet Olympiad). You can find many more models on his website,

If you think you somehow recognize the Origami Heart with Butterfly design, then you might be right. This was the first task of the 2015 IOIO. You can still buy the ebook if you want to own the diagram to this design. This model’s diagram is on page 5.

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Origami Heart with Butterfly Tutorial

Paper Choice for the Heart with Butterfly

This is a one-sheet origami model.

You should start with a minimum 20 cm (about 8 inches) square origami paper. Any paper that is duo colored or white on the backside is suitable. You should aim for a thickness of 40 – 50 g/m2. If you can’t get 20 cm / 8 in Kami paper, then this large Kami or this one is great too! You can almost never go wrong with Japanese paper. If you are not sure about origami papers in general, have a look at my origami paper guide.

Origami Heart with Butterfly Tutorial

When you watch my video, my pet cockatiel Sharky decides to join me in teaching. Even when you don’t see him in the frame, he sits quietly on my arm. Cockatiels are birds that just want to hang out with its owners. I also have a lovebird, who has a more boisterous energy.

Origami Heart with Butterfly Tutorial

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