While I was browsing through the Origami Tanteidan Convention book Nr. 24, I discovered the Jewel Box ジュエルボックス, a geometrically shaped box. Two different origami creators managed to design the same kind of box, but with a different way of folding. The two designers who created the Origami Jewel Box are Jun Maekawa 前川淳 and Akira Iino 飯野玲. You can find the diagrams from page 6 onwards.

Origami Jewel Box

Why is it called Jewel Box?

Well, as you might have guessed, it does not contain any jewels (yet ;), but it is rather in the shape of gems. In geometric terms, the Jewel Box is an inverted square with a right-angled triangle as its pillar. The open version of this kind of box is a well known traditional model.

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Origami Jewel Box

Why two designers?

Type 1 of the Jewel box from Jun Maekawa is the simpler approach. Type 2 from Akira Iino uses a more unconventional way, which reminds a bit in the structure of the “Fushimi Cube (フシミ·キューブ)“.

Origami Jewel Box

Another interesting aspect I found is that even though both approaches lead to the same origami box, the sizes of them are different (folded from the same size paper). The Jun Maekawa Jewel Box is slightly larger than the one from Akira Iino.

I like Jun Maekawa’s approach to origami, especially as he almost only uses the strictly geometrical way of folding. What I mean with that, every crease that you need to make has a proper mathematical origin. You never have to guess where a fold goes. He published several origami books that follow exactly this way, called Genuine Japanese Origami. I have all books in that series, and can highly recommend them.

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