What a ride this origami Kawasaki Rose Box has been! I first discovered this design by Du Xiaokang about two weeks ago as a photo tutorial on his Shougongke page. As a word of caution, the photo tutorial looks easier than it is. I am though grateful that it exists, otherwise I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of getting to know this very interesting design! Du Xiaokang was so kind and gave me permission to post a video tutorial of his work. Don’t forget to check out his Shougongke page, that features many more interesting origami photo tutorials. If you don’t read Chinese, try using the website with the Chrome browser. It will automatically translate the Chinese into your language, and you will be able to see all of the work (tutorials).

origami Kawasaki rose box tutorial

In the process of working through this design I even typed in the Chinese characters and translated some parts of it. I guess my knowledge of Japanese kanji made the difference. I will attach the translated text, in case you would like to read it too:

如图峰谷折 并往后翻折

Figure peaks and valley folds and fold back


Crease as shown


Fold back to complete the figure


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Front view


Open here as shown below


If Kawasaki holds up


Black line to white line

origami Kawasaki rose box tutorial

In the process of working on the Kawasaki Rose box, I drew my own crease pattern. It will definitely help you out along the way. Transfer it over to your paper and pre crease all the important folds. There are the “step folds” which I marked in yellow and orange highlighter. Only fold these once your Kawasaki Rose is collapsed.

Even though I uncovered most steps of the photo tutorial, there is still a tiny gap, that I still couldn’t figure out. Once the Rose is finished, just before you shape the lid, you will notice that the petals are neatly tucked under on two sides, yet one side is not. Maybe one of you (readers of this article and viewers of the YT video) – can figure it out.  The design also works like this, so no worries.

origami Kawasaki rose box tutorial

The lid finish itself is also not perfect. As the lid can only tuck over once, the fold does not hold properly. 

Another final word of caution, this design is NOT easy. Even with my YT tutorial you might need to fold it a few times before it goes smoothly. A lot of the folding is hidden underneath, where the camera can’t capture it. You will need to keep on holding the folds and move your fingers as you fold along. 

origami Kawasaki rose box tutorial

Details to my Kawasaki Rose Box

The Origami Kawasaki Rose Box is a one-sheet origami design. Both the lid and the bottom only need one sheet of paper, each from the same size (bottom minus 3 mm). I would suggest you start off with large and reasonably stiff paper. Maybe try to fold along with plain copy paper. It’s not pretty and presentable – and it will definitely tear along the way. But you get a feeling for the folds, which might be the first choice paper. 

origami Kawasaki rose box tutorial

In my video I used 25 cm large colorful Kami. It’s not the perfect match for this model, but close enough. Make sharp creases so the folding will go smoothly. It doesn’t have the same properties like my number one choice for so many origami models – Tant. I folded my red origami Kawasaki Rose box from 15 cm Tant. As expected, the paper supports this model so well. It is stiff, which lets the Rose shine! If you are not a very experienced folder, don’t try immediately with 15 cm / 5.9 in paper. Not only is it more difficult to carry the folds along, also the resulting origami box is kind of small. 

origami Kawasaki rose box tutorial

This origami Kawasaki Rose box is no Disney fairy tale – you cannot sit back and watch it unfold. You need to work through it, to get to the polished end. If you are not willing to spend at least 2 hours learning and refolding this design, you will not be satisfied with the result. I estimate it takes about one hour alone to fold through the first time. 

origami Kawasaki rose box tutorial

If this Origami Kawasaki Rose box is of interest to you, you might enjoy the Rose Box by Shin Han-Gyo as well.

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