Since I wrote this article four years ago, I devoted myself a bit more to Kawasaki Roses, their origin and how to fold them. You can find an updated article to Kawasaki Roses here.

This classic Origami rose by Toshikazu Kawasaki was first created almost 30 years ago. If people talk about an Origami rose, they immediately think of “the” Kawasaki Rose. Since it’s first creation countless people re-invented its design and made slight modifications to it. For some the original Kawasaki rose is just to difficult to fold, so they came up with similar looking roses that were folded in an easier way. Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy true traditional Origami, I recommend you try to fold this beauty! The diagram to this model can be found in the book “Roses, Origami & Math” by Toshikazu Kawasaki.

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Folding of the Kawasaki Rose

The folding of this Origami flower starts relatively simple with a 4 x 4 equal grid, but once beginner reach the twisting center square they will start to struggle. There are several methods on how to cope with this maneuver, and if you watch the Origami Kawasaki Rose Tutorial below, you will see that it is not too tricky after all. Don’t forget it is much easier when you get visual input of Origami instructions.


You can fold the Origami Rose with traditional square Origami paper  – only one side shows at the end. Every kind of paper has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Once you master your first Origami rose, you should try to fold it in different vibrant colors. You will love it – and it might even be addictive!

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