After my long summer break, I decided to get back into Origami by folding this cute Origami design – “Origami Lucky Frog Envelope“, by Jodi Fukomoto, that I discovered a few weeks beforehand. To be honest, I just bought the book that features this design’s diagram, just for this one model. Anyhow, you can find the diagram to the Origami Lucky Frog Envelope in the book “The Guide To Hawaiian-Style Money Folds” by Jodi Fukumoto, p. 114-121.

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Origami Lucky Frog Envelope design requires you to use Kami or Duo Colored Origami paper, so the frog is clearly visible on top of your envelope. I used regular 15 cm / 6 in Origami paper, which produces an envelope the size of 7.5 cm x 5 cm / 3 in x 2 in.

The paper that I used for my two Origami Lucky Frog Envelopes is by Jong Ie Nara, and can be found here!

The diagrams to the Origami Lucky Frog Envelope are very clear, so you should not have any problems finishing this model. To flatten the finished model, I placed my envelopes under a few heavy books overnight.

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