In today’s article do I not only want to present you with this adorable Origami Mouse by Jun Maekawa, but also give you a small introduction to one of the essential Japanese origami books from the last few years, called “Genuine Origami”. You can find this model in Mr. Maekawa’s book, p. 16-17.

Origami Mouse by Jun Maekawa from Genuine Origami 01

Whenever I write an article, I want to transmit something that I can pass on to others. That can be difficulties with folds of a model (or other things to look out for), or unique models that could be of interest to others… In this case I want to share my impressions and likes of a book that is much more than just experience of one single model.

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Did you ever think that folding origami animals is slightly more challenging than modular origami or even other single sheet models? Well you are not alone. I personally always thought that and was never really satisfied with the results when I tried folding them. What I struggled most were these “estimate” folds that are most times required to shape origami animals. Jun Maekawa wrote this helpful book “Genuine Origami” that takes away these “estimate the reference point” shaping folds, and only uses concrete reference points to base your next folds (hint: that’s the reason for the name of this book). In the 158 pages Mr. Maekawa slowly introduces you so gradually to different origami concepts and difficulties. Today’s model, the Origami Mouse is the first lesson of a total of 43. Each new model of his book, builds on the concepts you learned in the previous lessons. The models you learn to fold are mostly animals, but also objects. Every single design of this book has an interesting and unique aspect, that makes you wish you had more time to devote to origami. By the way, all but except of one origami model (a beautiful geometrical kusudama) are single sheet models. I also love the bright color used in the diagrams that helps you distinguish between the front and back side of your paper.

Origami Mouse by Jun Maekawa from Genuine Origami 02

As I briefly mentioned in one of my other articles, the Origami Cube, also by Mr. Maekawa, “Genuine Origami” is part of a two volume series. The first volume, concentrates on square origami papers and mostly single sheet models. The second volume, “Genuine Origami √2”, which was published a little time later lets you explore origami with a starting dimension of the square root of 2 (rectangular, A4,… paper). Besides a good concentration of single sheet models, it features some more modular models as well. On a side note, the Japanese version of  “Genuine Origami √2” has all models in one book, yet the English version split it up into 2 books: Book 1 & Book 2.

I hope you can take away something from this article, that started out with the Origami Mouse by Jun Maekawa and ended in a small book review.  🙂

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