Title: Origami of Wrapping and Boxes

Author: Tomoko Fuse

Tomoko Fuse - Origami of Wrapping and Boxes

Japanese Title: つつむ折り紙、箱の折り紙

Author Japanese: 布施知子

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Year: 2007

Pages: 95

Language: Japanese

Folded Models:  Square Modular Origami Box

Find this book: here

My personal notes: This is another old Tomoko Fuse book that seems to be almost forgotten. But Origami of Wrapping and Boxes has an interesting mixture of modular 3 and 4 sided decorative boxes, long boxes, stacking masu boxes, crane envelopes, tato and gift wrapping origami. The main reason why I picked up this book, without even knowing what was inside, were the crane envelopes.

I prefer the physical book over the digital version. But if you don’t mind, this book exists also as a kindle version.

Tomoko Fuse - Origami of Wrapping and Boxes
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