I got asked this Origami ratio calculation a lot of times in different places (YouTube comments,…) and decided to put in some effort and design this useful, yet simple Origami Ratio calculator. Use the Calculator 1 if you know your shorter side of your own paper & use Calculator 2 if you know the larger side.

Important: Always use the shorter original Ratio in the first field [Field 1] & and the longer Ratio in second field [Field 2] – otherwise you will get a wrong result. For example: 1:2 or 1.73 : 2 or 1.15: 2!


Use the calculator below to calculate the exact measurements for your Origami project.

For example:

The given Ratio of an Origami model is 1:2 – you put in 1 into Field Ratio 1 ; & 2 into Field Ratio 2 .

After you have then determined a size for your own project (shorter side), fill that into Field Side 1.

The unknown measurement (which is the larger side) for your Origami project will be put out in Field Side 2.

Calculator 1 – SHORTER SIDE KNOWN!


The given Ratio of an Origami model is 1:2 – you put in 1 into Field Ratio 1 ; & 2 into Field Ratio 2 .

After you have then determined a size for your own project (larger side), fill that into Field Side 1.

The unknown measurement (which is the shorter side) for your Origami project will be put out in Field Side 2.

Calculator 2 – LARGER SIDE KNOWN!


I hope the instructions are clear. If you see any mistake, please let me know by using the contact form.

Examples of Origami projects where these calculators could be useful: Ratibor Kusudama, Poison Ivy Kusudama, Jadis Kusudama, …