I recently got this great Origami book called “Fancy Origami for Practical Use” by Toshikazu Kawasaki – and this interesting design, the Origami Pencil Holder, is exactly from that book. This Japanese book features many interesting designs from one of the masters of Origami. If you recall, I introduced you a few weeks ago to the Origami Sweets Dish, which I found in the same book. The diagram to the pencil holder can be found on p. 18.

This design is rated as beginner to intermediate, and should not be too difficult to accomplish, if you folded some basic Origami and have some understanding of Origami diagrams.

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General Info about the Origami Pencil Holder Design

This design is folded from one rectangular sheet of paper from the ratio of A4 (or A3, B4). You can use almost any paper you have already at home (as it is difficult to find Origami paper in exact that measurement, without cutting). I have used pastel colored copy paper. Just remember, the heavier the paper, the stronger the finished model, yet more difficult it is to crease and fold.

If you are familiar with Tomoko Fuse’s single sheet Hexagonal Boxes, then you will immediately recognize a similarity. I think though, that the steps of twisting and closing the fold is a bit easier in this model. Also, the this Origami Pencil Holder box has an interesting approach in locking the model in place. As you can see in the above picture, the bottom of the box twists up – which gives it a partly hollow bottom. And if you fill it with pencils, you will like that they are neatly tucked to the sides of the box.

This model might not be too difficult to fold, but I think the interesting way it closes and locks, should make you want to fold it, even if you are more hungry for trickier models.


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