Today’s model is an adorable Origami Penguin, which is from a Japanese origami book I recently ordered from Japan. The book was only published a few months ago and is called “Cute Pocket Origami” from Yuko Fujimoto. The title certainly does justice to being filled with super cute origami designs, all which revolve around pockets being created to hold toothpicks and/or other small items. In Japan practical origami is a very popular niche as it fits within this lifestyle of beautifying almost every aspect of life and especially eating. Mostly these books feature simpler (more beginner friendly) origami, but can be also challenging (like “Fancy Origami for Practical Use” by Toshikazu Kawasaki comes to my mind). Check out one of my other articles, the Origami Pencil Holder – which is a model from the last mentioned book. 

Origami Penguin with Pocket 04

More to the Origami Penguin with Pocket …

You can find the Origami Penguin on page 48, 49. The origami penguin is a one-sheet origami model, thus you only need one square sheet of Kami or Duo Colored Paper. For my favorite crisp & thin Kami, check out this authentic Japanese origami paper. As with most easier origami models, start off with 15 cm / 5.9 in paper and work your way down if you want. Both my origami penguins were made from 10 cm / 3.9 in paper. The only trickier part of this model is the folding of the beak – that is probably easier to achieve with regular or bigger size paper. Even though I have amassed over the years a huge collection of Kami paper, I still always fold a test fold from regular plain white copy paper. 🙂

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Origami Penguin with Pocket 01

As you can see in my pictures below, you can make two versions of this origami penguin – a lower & higher pocket version. Both are quite easy to fold (version 1 is only 19 steps); and should be finished in a few minutes.

A few more details to the “Cute Pocket Origami” book:

The book has 95 pages and is divided into 3 sections: various pocket origami, placeholders & origami envelopes (tato’s). You can fold 40 models – some truly unique and/or cute (Frog envelope). 

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